Wednesday, August 24, 2011

11 almost-but-not-quite exciting things that happened to Yours Truely yesterday...

1. I arose from bed before the clock struck ten! For those you who are currently jealous that I have my own personal clock in room, don't be. Because, alas, I do not. I just wrote the sentence that way because I enjoy the way it sounds. I apologize for deceiving you.

2. I watched a bit of "Yes Man!" with my dear Betty. Jim Carey=rather creepy

3. I pretended that I did NOT have ANY homework and I proceeded to observe other humans on the book of faces. The only thought in my head was "Goodness, everyone seems to be happier than me!"

4. Jake and I happily ventured out into the world to that one store with "always low prices". No, Jake is not my handsome, sensitive, high-larious boyfriend. He is my car. I dubbed him the name Jake because I dearly love that name. (side note: I do not have any man in my life.)

5. Whilst in Wal-Mart, I saw a man who was carefully and thoroughly studying a container of cinnamon. He was turning it over in his hands and almost looked rather stressed. As I stood there staring at him like an utter fool, with my school supplies nearly falling out of my hands because I had failed to retrieve a cart, I thought "Who knew picking the correct cinnamon could be such a serious matter? Oh my....have I been using the wrong cinnamon for the entirety of my eighteen years?!" I then proceeded to beg the man to give me just bit of his infinite "cinnamon wisdom"!...Well, not actually. In reality, I went back a forth down the food aisle looking for my fantastic Mac n' Cheese. (please take note, in the near future there WILL be a post completely dedicated to that wonderful food.)

5. I realized that when YOU are the one buying school supplies (not your parents) they seem much more expensive...:/ I did purchase a Captain America folder and notebook, though. Both are  spectacular and I thoroughly enjoy looking, nay, staring at Chris Evens handsome face during my English class.

6. While returning home for the store-that-says-they-always-have-low-prices-but-they-really-don't-because-I-had-to-spend-nearly-five-dollars-just-for-highlighters, I saw a rugged looking man driving a motorcycle that a "For Sale" sign on it's windshield. A bit odd? It's very a bit odd! How are you supposed to tell the rugged man that you are, indeed, interested in purchasing his two-wheeled machine when it is zooming down the road at 55mph?? Ponder that deep question, if you will...

7. I.hate.Spanish.

8. For a split second of my day, I suddenly felt like I was on the outside. As if the world was a glass box and I was just observing it. "Oh my goodness, am I still here?" My hands flew up to face (which was a rather stupid thing to do due to the fact that I was driving my car) and breathed a sigh of relief when I felt my warm skin under my hands. It was such an odd moment in my life...

9. I discovered that my sister and her boyfriend ran in the rain AND THEY DID NOT INVITE ME!! Granted, they ARE in Michigan and I'm in dear old Ohio, but still....Jack and I would of made the little trek out to Hillsdale!

10. I ran four miles! I should of ran more but my Spanish homework specifically said to me"Leah, you do NOT have time to run more than four miles! You need to hurry back and work on me because I have been ignored nearly all day." So you see, I was put a tough position and could only do four miles. My Spanish is annoyingly time consuming!

11. While coming to grips with the fact that I am in pickle, I discovered that I have never once tasted a pickle. What a sad life I live....

That's all for now, folks.
Enjoy these eleven, life changing moments!

Thursday, August 4, 2011

"I turned over a new leaf" and all those lovely cliches:)

Who am I? <------Is that frightening? birds sing?
In case you didn't know, the answer is yes. Birds sing beautifully and I approach college a bit fearfully.
But I am also confident! Folks, I have turned over a new leaf. I'm gonna do what I do. ;) But seriously. No more being afraid. I missed out on too many opportunities in High School......

So the leaf has been FLIPPED. I literally just flipped it. It's a nice leaf. Anyways! One of the first things will be doing with this "new me" is auditioning to be a Dancing 'Don! NO, it is not a herd of dancing Mastadons. Do you think this guy could dance?---------------------->
No. He couldn't. Well, maybe...if he practiced daily.  
It is actually the dance group at my new college! How exciting, right?! Yes, Leah, you're right.
One of my dearest friends (she loves green:) is coming up with a routine for me since she is 123439857 times a better dancer than I. Do I trust her?....Do birds sing? You should know that answer since I just mentioned it to you a minute ago. Or maybe it's been an hour. Everyone reads at their own pace. :)
....I read like a speed demon.
Anyways, I shall now publish my first post. How riveting. :)